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Khadija has delivered a variety of sessions to both large and small groups of 14 – 18 year olds over the last year,

Her presentation was exactly what I asked for in terms of engaging young people, inspiring them to be achieve more and motivating them to work harder, all coupled with a business / entrepreneurial message.

Her talks have been seen by both staff and students as inspirational and motivational,  

Khadija tells her story, what inspires her and what it was that fired her passion to become a successful business entrepreneur.

Her sessions are ‘real’ for the students and she delivers with wit, humour and a level of straight talking which is able to engage the young people

Khadija is a remarkable young woman with a fantastic ability to engage with young people

I would recommend her unreservedly and would be happy to answer any questions

Dennis Kirwan (Principal OBA)

‘Khadija’s journey from A level student to entrepreneur is inspiring. She is able to speak with passion and authority to deliver her step by step guide to success. She shares her dreams and goals and openly discusses her motivations. Khadija’s presentation asks you to think about your own ambitions and provides that all important nudge in the right direction.’

Geraint Richards - Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Ormiston Bushfield Academy, Peterborough 

Testimonials: Testimonials


What People Say

Hi, I'm Tarun from Sports Sector. I run a branded footwear business on Ebay and on my website. I have attended many business events and I learnt that having a business mentor is very important. Khadija has been the best choice. She helps and advises on the things that I never thought of and is instrumental in improving and scaling my business. I knew Khadija from the BBC Apprentice. I was keen to know her journey and wanted to do the same. I made contact with her and she offered me a Mentorship programme. She helps and advises on the main things that you need to work on so you can walk before you run. She will also find influencers and help you build a successful business plan together with regular calls and update chats. By learning from Lord Sugar, Karan Brady, Claude Littner and from her past candidates she can help my self and other businesses reach their full potential. I highly recommend going for a Mentor Programme with Khadija.
Thanks, Tarun, Sports Sector

Tarun Gupta - Sports Sector

Khadija has the ability to monetise most passions through her focus, people skills and persuasive techniques. Khadija helped me to contract construction companies in a professional, assertive and confident manner, which within 3 weeks enabled me to place two freelance senior quantity surveyors into one firm, earning £16,000 in finding fees after 60 days. Without Khadija encouraging me, motivating and pushing me to take action I would be 16k poorer. I highly recommend Khadija as a mentor, but be prepared for her no bullshit attitude, its gets things done.

Simon Ellis - Ellis & Ellis Surveyors

I cannot recommend this phenomenal lady highly enough, such a genuine person always keeping it real and cutting through the BS. It has been a pleasure knowing Khadija Kalifa on a personal level and working with her on a professional level these past months.

She has been a stong asset to our business Earthpot foods with her no nonsense demeanour; relentless drive; laser like focus; out of the box creative thinking and extremely positive can do attitude!

I would certainly recommend a mentorship with Khadija Kalifa to any entrepreneurs out there :) 

Sean Griffith

Testimonials: Testimonials

BOOM. This girl knows her stuff. Really impressed with her knowledge and excited that Khadija is now part of my journey. Highly recommended as a mentor, don’t think about it, do it!

Simon Kendal

Khadija is a fabulous, straight to the point, generous coach with great insights and advice. Just one super quick call gave me a big boost and instant ideas of what to do next. Thank you x

Gayle Mcdonald 

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