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Having cleaned Serviced Accommodation properties across the country and managing 30 plus staff at our peak (some good some bad) and managing hosts (some good some bad) over 4 years and being know from BBC Apprentice 2018 as the lady with the cleaning business, I thought it would be a good thing for me to share my knowledge.
What you get: 
SA Cleaning Manual both physical hard copy and digital.....Topics covered: *How to work well with your cleaning company.*Cleaning timings per property size - managing expectation * Costs to expect (geographically) *Managing in-house cleaning staff* Linen discussion and storage * Checklist chat * Travel pay expectation as per HMRC guidelines (I’ve been burnt by this) * Keys and access * Liability * Communication techniques and software * Managing expectation * Team incentives * Guest relations * Consumables* What to do and not to do * Virtual Assisant guidance and reccomendation * Full SA and Cleaning company Overview This is a PHYSICAL in branded Keepitrealwithkhadija packaging BONUSES***Full Manual sent in hard bounded copy and digital format***Full SA - Cleaning Checklist ***SA and cleaning company agreement - used by us for 5 years to protect both parties.***Best cleaning cloths and product samples (colour coded system) ***HMRC rulings on travel pay for mobile workers in hard copy and digital ***USB with training videos including - Hotel corners and bed making practice, effective cleaning technique videos, training your team and more!

Serviced Accommodation - "from the cleaners side of the bed" manual

  • This product has been created as a guide ONLY and time has been taken to ensure the information is of the utmost relevance. 

    We do not hold any guarantee over the success of your SA or cleaning company relationships or business. 

    As such Refunds will not be offered and any technical issues will be resolved through emailing info@keepitrealwithkhadija


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